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    Have your own name as your email address

This is your only opportunity to secure your own name as your email address.
 Once each name is taken it cannot be duplicated, it is yours for as long as you want.

Think about it, no more having to change your email address when you move to another internet provider. No more losing important contacts when you do change service providers.
There is no other site that can offer you this unique opportunity to control your family name, is this an offer too good to pass up.
Why have a boring email address such as a @Hotmail, @Gmail, @Optus or @Bigpond, that is also shared by millions of others?

Emails are such an important part of our lives today, have your own name as your Email address

Why be when you can be

We have thousands of Email addresses that are memorable, portable, professional and flexible.

What about your children, imagine the pride in them when they tell their friends they have their own name as their email address not a gmail or hotmail account.
       Each name only $50 per Year

               Less than $1 per Week

  • What do you get ????
  • The privacy of your own emails, you can not be spied on, as in a work email address can be.
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Your name is yours to keep
  • Knowing only you can have that name

Tell us what name you would like to purchase and we will see if it is still available, as this is on a first come first serve basis.

There is no second chance

Click below and tell us what name you would like, we will tell you if it is still available.   CLICK HERE
  • Benefits  for owning your own name as an email address

Create your own personal email address
  • That suits your personality, career, business, or interests
  • That's unique and memorable, flexible and portable
  • Ease of people remembering your email address.

    Your children's own email addresses, what a great way to build pride in your family name.
      What a great present for someone who has everything.
Some Examples Below
  • Your name @ your
  • Sales @ your
  • Reception @your
  • Anything you like @ your



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